"All the hopes, desires, loves, and affections that people have for different
things - fathers, mothers, friends, heavens, the earth, palaces, sciences,
works, food, drink - the saint knows that these are desires for God and all
those things are veils. When men leave this world and see the King without
these veils, then they will know that all were veils and coverings, that the
object of their desire was in reality that One Thing." -Rumi

"Civilization is a most expensive process
and its aquisitions have been paid for by enormous
losses, the extent of which we have largely
forgotten or have never appreciated." - C. G. Jung

"In our time of general disorientation, it is necessary to know about
the true state of human affairs, which depends so much on the mental
and moral qualities of the individual and on the human psyche in
general. But if we are to see things in the right perspective, we need
to understand the past of man as well as his present. That is why an
understanding of myths and symbols is of essential importance." - C. G. Jung