"Winter Solstice"

You've left again
As you always do.
To a place far away
that I may not go.
But, I fear not, at the
loss I now feel.
For again we shall meet
and you shall liven
my soul.

"Spring Equinox"

Hello my friend!
You've come back around.
We've missed you so
but you're here again.
How was your journey
through the land below?
We are eager to bathe
in the warmth of your light!

"Summer Solstice"

"Autumn Equinox"

Abundant warmth
and generous Light.
Dancing accross our
beautiful Sky.
Descending now from
Your Heavenly perch.
We begin to prepare
as You begin your goodbye.

"Hearthache and Hope"

The roses that bloom
remind me of you.
As they reach
for the light
of the sun.
With golden rays shining
they're kind in reminding
that one day your heart
will beat for me too.

"Liquid Gold"

Carbons and hydros
arranged as the line goes.
Conveniently trapped
in organic decay.
Applied by our mind
the power we find
has so far been worth
the price that we pay.

"Cat Life"

Whiskers twitch
at the sight
of birds on wing
fluttering in the day light.
Attention, rapt.
Captured stare.
Please come closer.
Don't you care!